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Star Wars Galaxies House Pack-up event postponed

A recent developer post at the Star Wars Galaxies forums has announced that the upcoming House pack-up event will not be taking place, as scheduled.

According to Star Wars Galaxies producer Lorin W. Jameson aka DeadMeat, most of the issues in the House and Vendor pack-up have been addressed. However, Jameson says that a few cases and situations that have arisen have "made [him] uncomfortable with going live."

A live test-run of the entire system has instead been scheduled on TestCenter ("the old one with frogs"), which will be reopened just for this test. Here\'s what they plan to do:

The plan is to bring up TestCenter for a day first with all structures the qualify marked as abandoned. This should give players time to scout out their targets and also allow folks who want to give it a try to setup a new \'toon.

Then the next day we will bounce the servers and enable the event itself and players will (swg credits)be able to pack houses and factories (and call in the air strikes of course). If that all goes well we will enable the event on the live servers.

The dev team is currently working towards getting TestCenter up and running for the event by the end of next week.

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