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Star Wars Galaxies Coming To An End

To all those Star Wars Galaxies players out there, get as much game-play in now as you can. LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) have announced late last week that they will be shutting down game-play on December 15.

The closing will affect both the MMO as well as the trading card game. LucasArts did announce there will be a “galaxy-ending game event” for fans as a send off to the game come December.

Star Wars Galaxies subscribers will be able to play other Sony online PC swg credits games at the subscriber level for no extra charge according to Sony. Sony has announced between October 15 and December 15, gamers who have accounts with a Star Wars Galaxies subscription will be able to access other games like Free Realms, Star Wars:Clone Wars Adventures. EverQuest and EverQuest II, and the popular DC Universe Online via the Star Wars Galaxies Web site.

Three, six, and twelve month subscription packs including the store was shut down on star war galaxies credits. The MMO and trading card game will no longer be for sale or subscription and both Sony and LucasArts will no longer be accepting new accounts by September 15. Billing will be turned off in October while all free game trials will no longer be available.You can buy swg credits.

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