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Ragnarok Ash Vacuum

Ragnarok Ash Vaccum Features

Episode 13.1: Ash Vacuum will be added with new maps, new monsters, new quests
New guild dungeons and a guild dungeon side event will be added to the WoE: SE maps
Two new GodLike items will be added
One new Memorial Dungeon: Memory of the Orcs will be added
A new battlefield named Krieger von Midgard will be added
The Skill Tree UI will be updated
The 1:1 Trade UI will be updated
A renewed version of the Thanatos quest will be added
The level requirements for certain quests will change
Novices will be able to directly move from the Novice Training Ground to a town of their choice by talking to the receptionist. Furthermore, some item-related Novice Training Ground settings will change
75 new pieces of equipment will be added (37 for Episode 13.1, 38 as Battlefield reward items)
RO Zeny Ash Vacuum Maps

A gateway was constructed at the Morroc Dimensional Rift.

A Midgard expedition camp exists on the other side of the rift in The New World.

The Splendide Fields are added west of the Midgard camp in the new world.
The Manuk Mountains are added east of the Midgard camp in the new world.
We will uncover the mysterious New World which is discovered after the rise of Satan Morroc. While the citizens of morroc is reviving the town, a mysterious dimensional appear in the desert that leds to the new world. Sages of Juno travel to Morroc to study this dimension and manage to create a gateway to the other side and set up the Midgarts camp.At the center is the Midgarts camp, with the Splendide fields to the left and the Manuk mountains to the right. New and more dangerous monsters awaits for those who wishes to cross the dimension.

RO Zeny Ash Vacuum Guild Dungeon

Ragnarok Ash Vacuum epusode has two new guild dungeons are added for the new Arunafeltz and Schwartzvald castles.
Arunafeltz and Schwartzvald castle owners can now enjoy their own guild dungeons. Same rules apply inside the dungeon but with different monsters.

The Arunafeltz Dungeon is inspired by Rachel Cheshrumnir Sanctuary architecture while the Schwaltzvald guild dungeon is inspired by the Juperos Dungeon architecture. Both has new monsters similar to those that you’d find within the Arunafeltz region or Einbroch area , but considerably stronger and worth higher experience.

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