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Last Chaos Conquers Europe

Hamburg leading European MMOG publisher gamigo AG announces the upcoming release of the successful action role playing game “Last Chaos” for additional
European countries. In addition to Germany, players from France and Spain can look forward
to the game, which will enter closed beta test around christmas. Players can go to and already pre-register to secure one of 5000 beta accounts for early
access to the game.

An Epic Adventure Awaits New Heroes

Not even a year after it's launch, Last Chaos gold is a suprise hit in Germany. With over 350,000
registered users, the game is one of the top titles in gamigo's diversified portfolio and one of
the most successful MMORPGs in Europe. Last Chaos gold offers exciting quests for PvE players, as
well as thrilling battles and guild wars for PvP fans.

Soon, this exciting game will be available to even more European players in their native
language, with french and spanish being the first languages the game is going to be launched
for. The two versions are already in an advanced state and will be released this year. The
Polish version is going to take a little longer, and will presumably be released in the first
quarter of 2009.

Of course, players from these countries can look forward to a constantly changing and evolving
experience. Just as in the German version of the game, there will be special events on a
regular basis and future updates will keep improving many aspects of the game.
Registration Is Now Open!

The French and Spanish websites are already up and running, so players can get more
information about the game and its features right now. It is also possible to register for an
account and have the opportunity to be the first to experience the adventures of Last Chaos gold as
soon as the closed beta period commences.


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