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1-10 quests in Last Chaos

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Quest(last chaos gold) name: Fox Fur Collection
NPC: Healer Yabo / Randol City / Juno
Level requirement: 1 - 5

NPC Overview: (Yabo)Maybe you do not know why, but it seems that a pillow of Fox Fur can ease the pain of those suffering from the plague. Can you please help us gather Fox Fur? Others will be indebted to you. You promise to reward you for you kindness.
Simple Objective: Collect 10 Fox Furs. These can be gotten from the Foxes. Deliver the furs to Healer Yabo.

NPC Conclusion: (Yabo) Have you gathered the required amount of Fox Fur? This is enough to make a pillow. Here is the reward you promised.
Reward: Experience 250, Potion of Haste [2], SP 5

Quest name: Letter from Lord [Class type]
NPC: No NPC, it's an automatic quest pop-up
Level(lastchaos gold) requirement: 2

Simple Objective: Deliver the letter from Lord [Class type] to Lorraine in Randol City, Juno.
Reward: Experience 100, Potion of Haste [3]

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