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Russian Karos Online Shows the Best Results Worldwide

NIKITA.Online announce that by the end of the first six months the Russian version of Karos Online MMORPG is leading in terms of revenue and CCU among other versions of the game. Currently Karos Online is available in Korean, English, Turkish and Russian. In Russian the game is titled «Karos: Начало » (Karos: Inception).

"Without a doubt it's pleasant news that Russian Karos Online is the most successful among all the territories," - says NIKITA.Online's CEO Stepan Zotov. - "Our company is one of the most effective European publishers of online games. The expertise that we've accumulated in localization, marketing and monetization makes us globally competitive."

Karos Online was developed by Korean game studio GalaxyGate which handed on the global publishing rights to NHN Corp(Karos Gold).

"NIKITA.Online is a very professional and effective publisher. We're really satisfied with how they manage Karos Online in Russia, CIS and the Baltic states," - claims Yoon-ho Ko, Overseas Game PDM Team Lead, NHN Corp. - Currently Russian version can boast the best sales and the biggest CCU worldwide. We're confident that together we're going to win the hearts of Russian-speaking gamers with our products."

The success which Karos Online enjoys with Russian-speaking audience would certainly contribute to further development of the game. "F or us, revenue and CCU are important but providing quality service to users is even more important," - explains Taekhoon Kim, Director of Karos Development Team, GalaxyGate.

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