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Dragon Nest Q&A with Daniel Choi

Malaysian and Singaporean players wanting to get into a new online fix can look forward to the upcoming Asian version of Dragon Nest. During last week's Asian launch event at The Hard Rock Hotel, Singapore, we spoke to Daniel Choi, business development director of the game, to spill the beans about this version of the title.

GameSpot Asia: Why have you partnered with Shanda Games International to help release Dragon Nest in Southeast Asia?

Daniel Choi: It was because of our experience with the game's release in China that we decided to expand it further to other regions below us. That was our opportunity to work with Shanda Games International to bring out Dragon Nest(Dragon Nest Gold) to the Southeast Asian market. The publishers have had an experience working with other big titles, like Aion, so that helps.

GSA: What about the game's system requirements and graphics engine?

DC: The Eternity Engine is developed in house. What we had to focus on is how to manage a huge number of concurrent users with the least amount of Dragonnest Gold. The network speeds we have among users are optimized with the engine, which is something other online games have trouble with. The most important thing about it is that we want to show off a cool aesthetic without taxing the computer it will run on.

GSA: What new additions are on this build compared to the Korean version of the game that was released in March 2010?

DC: It's the most complete version of the game so far to be released in Southeast Asia with the latest patches. Dragon Nest SEA is localized completely in Singapore and the voices and text will be in English. In fact, the theme "The Eternal Path" by YouTube singer Erutan is only exclusive for users in the region.

GSA: Is this massively multiplayer online game focused on player Buy Dragon Nest Gold versus environment or player versus player? If so, why choose it to be this way?

Daniel Choi: It's a little of both, actually. When we were in the really early stages of Dragon Nest, we wanted to target all different types of users, like first-person shooter fans, action game fanatics, and even player versus player addicts.

Personally, I like the progression of the story here. The game may not be a massive online role-playing game, but you're still in a place with a mass online community with personal space-laden raids since only four people can be in a group during an instanced dungeon session.

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As an action mmorpg, Dragon Nest features well-designed graphics and fast-paced action comparable with console games.
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