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Dragon Nest open beta gets new PvP content

Nexon announced today the first PvP content update for Dragon Nest, currently in open beta in North America. The update unlocks two PvP modes and five maps, though you'll have to be level 10 or higher to participate.

The first mode, Rounds, is basically a team deathmatch, where "a given team wins by eliminating all opposing players." Respawn, the second PvP mode, is a score-based match, in which teams are awarded points for every kill. First team to reach the designated score wins. In both modes, teams can consist of one to eight players.

You can form teams in the Arena or utilize the game's drop-in function to join existing matches. You'll gain Arena EXP and rank for participating in PvP, and medals earned can be traded at special vendors for specific rewards. Nexon is also working on a PvP ladder system for Dragon Nest(Dragon Nest Gold), though that remains a work in progress. More PvP modes will also be added in future updates.

Check out the Dragon Nest launch trailer below, released shortly before gamescom.

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