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About Maken St. of Dragon Nest

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HIT AND RUN flow of a typical embodiment of the abyss of the ability of single brush Dragon Nest Gold Rev. 2 personal rating system is only inferior.

In fact, hardly Maken St. output high, active low output capacity can only say, with high attack mage 2 system, Arrow of God 2 Department of things arrows can not worship God or even violent than, but because the EU to bring this occupation The high mobility and a variety of long-range combat skills to avoid the attitude there, so deep in fact survive very well under

Maken St. skills with the force of the Zabing most direct effect of interrupting or hard, this is not usually get praise, but the problem is Maken Holy damage on the hard straight very limited capacity, when faced with giant monsters or body of such high-hard straight BOSS effect of those compulsory monsters do not eat when pain control is eggs.

However, because body giant monster figure is simply looking to suffer multi-channel gas, suffer more cyclones, it can provide for higher Maken St. stronger output performance.Dragonnest Gold is very important for you in the game.

This job is a personal evaluation for Zabing clean copy of the high-mobility units, but the efficiency is not high it wants.

Maken Saint showed their Edge also be running, kite-flying is absolutely superb job.

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As an action mmorpg, Dragon Nest features well-designed graphics and fast-paced action comparable with console games.
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