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Trading Mechanisms and Economic Ideas of Diablo 3 Gold

Not long ago,we get a lot of information about Diablo3 from the media conference and so many people feel surprised. Because there're changes in the game.According to Diablo 3 News,skill level is removed, the characteristics of the system into a passive skill, the new PvP system, senki systems, shared storage boxes and more. But probably the most interesting topics for everyone is but also the most misunderstood, or auction system should be,in particular,the system of cash now and put a real hook.

Due to some incomplete reports or speculation, a lot of players feel indignation and cast on this setting.But many players are trying to get more detailed understanding of this system works.Blizzard announced there will be two auction systems, network interface can be accessed through the war. One is to use the Diablo3 Gold as the currency of the auction.The operation principle and the "World of Warcraft," the auction house almost exactly the same and the other cash auction is the auction house, which is dollar, the euro or any area of your currency.

If you want to purchase items from the auction, you need to take out the cash from bank cards, credit cards, recharge into battle net account and converted into electronic account. Then you can go to auction and bid through electronic accounts. If you win the auction, the purchase cost will be automatically deducted from your account and access to electronic items. If the auction period, more than other people's auction your bid, you will not have any cost. Whether it is cash-game auction house or auction is the same principle of operation is used.The difference is that one is using the game's currency is a currency with real world.This site is a ideal place where you can enjoy your shopping in Diablo 3 world.And you can buy many thing used in the game and you can find the available Diablo 3 Power Leveling here.

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