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The Superposition Property of Damage of Diablo 3 Items will be Canceled

Some basic items in Diablo3, such as wooden sticks will be fixed with a great damage.To undead additional properties,some of the top items on the devil monster with lead to more wonderful damage.However, in Diablo 3 Items, these properties will not exist. Blizzard think that the players do not particularly care whether these attributes exist and will not be spent on these properties with the mind. Unfortunately, in fact, as a classic element of tradition, we believe that these attributes, there is still a significant, and in many specific scenarios, such property is powerful.

We know that many of the properties are now prefixed with the Rune role in the effect of skills on. So we need to pay special attention to deal with these properties and the interaction effect Rune. When we do not know how to deal with that when the effect of overlap, it is more sensible for us to carefully engage.Of course, in some cases we will deliberately avoid some of the gaming experience with no good properties.We hope you can enjoy the game, rather than let everyone feel that they are in a "beast" world.However,at the same time, it distracted everyone's gaming experience. For players who care Diablo 3 News,they will konw that it allows us to engage in later in the game for a certain number of enemies or a certain area of package. Finally, this property is difficult to balance, it is difficult to achieve both "can", but not "must have." Either of these properties will be made ​​so strong that we all carry out his property.We should ensure that the property won't become meaningless.

As much as possible before the suffix attribute in the game was released in the game. However, the count Rune system, passive skills, systems,(Diablo3 Gold) and we expect the equipment system, the company will certainly publish a game which is more complex than the previous version.This site is a wonderful place to enjoy your travel in Diablo 3 world and you can find the available Diablo 3 Power Leveling here.

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