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How to Get Diablo 3 Gold Efficiently

As we all know,Diablo3 gold has become a popular currency.Consequently,how fast and efficient to get gold has become a required course for players.First,to get gold with a career must choose right, so far, the most efficient and most goldsmith goldsmith's job is magician.Master goldsmith was chosen as a career depends entirely on his professional skills, in my opinion is born to get the gold.Of course, the current discussion is confined to the beta version.Because the character is used to make money, so Gold from monsters is essential to what we call the GF.The GF value should be as much as possible.The accumulation of the higher the better, the characters in the video above GF is 208.GF value in ensuring the case of the best attributes of other people have to pile up as much as possible.For the play,money is also very important.

Master goldsmith career as a beta version only downside is that there is no fast-moving class skills, the Master of the TP to 18 before they can unlock, and the CD is quite long.According to the Diablo 3 news ,the best place to play King of Skeleton of the task that the layers of the maze, before departure we have to prepare enough scorll of companion, which is pet scrolls, summon a small animal to help us pick up gold, this thing can greatly reduce the time we pick up the gold. Each solo will probably consume 3-5 pets reel.The goldsmith,in fact,when the falling gold Daguai is much lower than the number of objects you hit the number of gold obtained, (Diablo3 Gold)in addition to rapid clearance strange, we have to do a fast playing game objects, such as barrels and cans. The followings must not let them go.

Barrel,Jar,Corpse,Cracked floor tiles,Equipment shelf,Chest,Of course, treasure hunters,Bookshelves and desks, you can provide us with our pets to pick up gold scroll.We can not fight the equipment directly to make money, so you can choose to break down or back to town to sell, and equipment is not a small income. If you have enough pet body roll, then the bookshelves and desks you can not look through.You can also save a lot of time.This site can let you enjoy shopping and get what you want in the Diablo 3 world.

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