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General Analysis of Diablo 3 Gold

With the spread of Diablo3,more and more players fall in love with the wonderful game.It is no doubt that it will become a popular game in the future.But how can we use Diablo 3 Gold to ite best?

In general, the money after the purchase of equipment will be sent to the seller's e-account.If you use the Diablo3 Gold auction house directly sent gold purse. But you can also bind directly to your account so the money can be put into your credit card or bank card. This amount will be charged an additional fee, transfers from the third-party companies to use. Blizzard is currently in negotiations with several companies to select the right person to maintain this service, so we will not know who is responsible for the end of this service.

Nevertheless, in the game to make money selling equipment is entirely feasible to do. But you can not return e-money account into cash. This means that if you do not select the associated credit card or bank card and cash directly into the sale.The money will be accumulated into account in your e-and can not be removed. However, in addition to e-currency account can be traded in the Dark 3 years, but also can be used to purchase other things, such as the purchase of digital download version and the "World of Warcraft," the monthly fee.

Blizzard said that each player can sell a certain quantity of goods without payment of fee. It's not yet known that the inherent number for each account number.For example, an account can sell X number of equipment without charge,a limited number, or a reset number of settings.But Bashiok seems to imply that over a week can be.This means that every week there are always a few items you sell have to pay fees to worry about this issue. So we'll see it after the official launch.This site can offer you safe Diablo 3 Gold and let you enjoy your travel in Diablo 3 World!

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