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TwelveSky 2 Europe Exclusive Interview

MAYN Interactive Pte Ltd., an up-and-coming game publisher, officially announced its partnership with Gigassoft Co., Ltd. and their plan to bring the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed "TwelveSky 2", a martial arts based Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game , to English-Speaking gamers within the European market.

Initially released at the end of 2003, the saga of "TwelveSky" underwent heavy reconstruction in 2007. The reincarnated "TwelveSky 2" includes completely revamped game systems and an assortment of new features.

"TwelveSky 2" harnesses the true potential of the self-developed game engine, GXD, which resulted in upgraded graphics. This change also gave way to enhanced skills, wars, maps,12sky2 Gold and quests. Additionally "TwelveSky 2" will be introducing new mechanics such as resource gathering, 12sky2 Gold and harvesting, item crafting, a new player race, and riding mounts, among others. Moreover, the European version of "TwelveSky 2" will be sporting a completely new and rewritten story arch, even compared to its sister counterparts which are currently released in Asia. Recently, we interviewed Shawn Silverman, Chief Game Operations Officer of MAYN Interactive. Now let's him give us more details about "12sky2 Gold Europe"

MMOsite: I am glad that we have this opportunity to make an interview with you. To start, can you make a brief introduction to yourself and MAYN Interactive?

Shawn: Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity. My name is Shawn Silverman and I am the Chief Game Operation Officer at MAYN Interactive Pte Ltd. MAYN ( is a global online game publisher focusing on North American and European markets. Since our founding, we have been determined to provide our users (which we call "guests") with top quality support and services while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Just like our motto states, "In everything we do, we ask ourselves a simple question: Will this make our players happy?" We plan to stick to it!

MMOsite: Would you care to introduce the game's developer, Gigassoft? When did development of Twelve Sky2 Gold begin, and where is it currently available?

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If you've played the original Twelve Sky,then you shouldn't have any trouble picking up how to play Twelve Sky 2.
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