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Twelve Sky 2 Interview

The philosophy that guides the 12sky2 Gold Guanyin faction is founded on a belief in harmony and 12sky2 Gold balance. Accordingly, the demeanor exhibited by its members is typically calm, even serene. Quite often, those who do not know them will interpret their peaceful manner incorrectly, deeming it an indication of weakness. However, any who try to take advantage learn immediately that they have badly miscalculated. In stark contrast, the appearance of Fujin warriors is daunting. Often clad in dark, menacing armor or apparel, they are clearly very quick and 12sky2 Gold agile, which may help to explain their natural propensity for quick attacks and 12sky2 Gold stealthy activities such as assassinations. Jinong fighters are more straightforward. They hail from a brutal region where the concepts of mercy and 12sky2 Gold giving quarter to the fallen are unknown. Theirs is the way of strength, force, savagery, armed conflict and 12sky2 Gold conquest. 

Twelve Sky 2 is the PvP-oriented massively multiplayer sequel that will soon join free to play publisher Aeria Games' popular selection. Developed by ALT1, it offers these three factions from its predecessor, and 12sky2 Gold will also add a fourth, the Nangin, which characters join in an unusual way. After advancing to a high level within any of the others, they can sever all connections in order to join the exiles. Of course, the new title will have more notable changes and12sky2 Gold additions. For example, there will be more area where players, groups and 12sky2 Gold guilds can test themselves against each other, with broader ranges of both objectives and level brackets. It's also easy to see that the new graphics are up to date and competitive. In order to learn more, we posed a set of questions to Associate Producer Thomas McKay.


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If you've played the original Twelve Sky,then you shouldn't have any trouble picking up how to play Twelve Sky 2.
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