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Str for Your Build in 12sky2

This is buy 12sky2 gold . The arctile is something about str for your build in 12sky2 . We just give it a summary, hope it can drive your attention.

Well, we went full str when we grinded so w/ a 1sup:2pcx stack we got about 230% per stack. Also, we need to know your build and on a regular grind how much time it takes you to level(12sky2 Gold ). On regular, every 1sup:2pcx stack gets 150-180% depending on how fast you can kill. Well, we do not advise you to sell your pet, since it will help in your grind, but if your gona borrow some1's pet to grind, then its your choice.

You can also buy ap or borrow money(buy 12sky2 Gold ) from a friend to get the supplies. m24-26 grind on hearts. m26-28/29 gobs m29-33 elephants or m26-33 on elephants. If you grind SoS, then go into Infernal Island and grind on either the foci or elephants in there. Heres the caculations :p: At your current level and % and using the average % acquired per stack. It wuld take you about 7-8 sups and 14-16 pcx. This is assuming you get 180% an hr. Total money cost: 160-240m on sups and about 1-1.2b on pcx.

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