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12Sky2 PK Experience Introduce

Hi guys, welcome to Gamewhs! Today I will introduce 12Sky2 PK experience introduce that came from other website, hope you like it, here we go:

I having played on the mayn version since closed beta and now over here I can say what has happened there in 12sky2 Gold.

There is little KS of a boss since the most damage wins. This mean a high level(12sky2 Gold) player can steal a boss since he does more damage but this is rare since they get nothing for killing it. Generally with equal level(12sky2 Gold) players the person that starts first wins.

It does little good to attack a boss someone has down 25%(12sky2 Goldgold) since they have to only do 26% damage in the time it takes you to do 51%. When 2 players start about the same time then it's not a steal really anyway.

AoE cave spots is a little tougher. There are certain spots people like and compete over them. This is really not KS in the true sense but spot stealing? It appears the only time any action will be taken is if someone takes someone else spot they move and the person follows them takes that spot and continues. More harassment than stealing.

The concept of reserving spots or laying claim to unspawned bosses is kinda silly but they do get post of this as kill stealing when most people say its not. Does not appear mayn takes action on this type of claim which is good.

Now PK to solve this is so funny. 12sky2 GoldWhen you get to the shared map or during the time when you can invade the other clans all kinds of bad stuff is done. If open PK was allowed you would have all kinds of abuse. The largest abuse appears to be stunning to cause XP loss.

If you are on a boss they come up and stun you let the boss kill you and then finish the boss off. This stunning is also done to people AoE in aggressive mobs. The other "standard" PK seems to be when you can invade the 70-90 map the lvl 100+ idiots go AoE the spawn point to get CP on all the low level players who can't even enter the next zone.

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If you've played the original Twelve Sky,then you shouldn't have any trouble picking up how to play Twelve Sky 2.
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