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TwelveSky 2 reveals Autumn Content Pack

Twelve Sky 2 Rise of the Sky Clan is set to release another exciting content pack to improve the already stellar MMORPG game play experience.Attention all citizens of Ancient China and fellow gamers ..


12Sky2: Interface

12sky2 ,here you will havea good time.This guide will help you in the game.This window displays three vital bars. These bars represent your characters current versus total Health, current versus total..


The Value of Items in Twelvesky2

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TwelveSky 2 Europe Exclusive Interview

Initially released at the end of 2003, the saga of TwelveSky underwent heavy reconstruction in 2007. The reincarnated TwelveSky 2 includes completely revamped game systems and an assortment of new fea..


Str for Your Build in 12sky2

12sky2 gold . The arctile is something about str for your build in 12sky2 . We just give it a summary, hope it can drive your attention.12sky2 Gold ). On regular, every 1sup:2pcx stack gets 150-180% d..


Twelve Sky 2 Interview

12sky2 Gold Guanyin faction is founded on a belief in harmony and 12sky2 Gold balance. Accordingly, the demeanor exhibited by its members is typically calm, even serene. Quite often, those who do not ..


12Sky2 PK Experience Introduce

12Sky2 PK experience introduce that came from other website, hope you like it, here we go:12sky2 Gold.12sky2 Gold) player can steal a boss since he does more damage but this is rare since they get not..


TwelveSky2: Ends Beta I Testing, Enter Beta II

MAYN Interactive Pte Ltd., TwelveSky 2s European publisher is also very happy so far with the progress that is being made. Having officially concluded as of March 9th, Closed Beta Phase I was a great ..


If you've played the original Twelve Sky,then you shouldn't have any trouble picking up how to play Twelve Sky 2.
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